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From the Data Center to the boardroom we have a solution for your business. MJK Net Inc brings together next-generation networking technology and exceptional service to maximize value and transform how businesses connect, communicate and collaborate.




MJK Net Inc. was founded in 2001 after it’s principal was laid off from Cisco Systems because of the crash of the Internet Bubble.  Bringing vision and experience from the core of the internet to the end user’s desktop allows us to best serve your needs.




Switches, Routers, Cloud Services.  What can all these things do to make my business function more efficiently.  We offer a combination of products, services and experience that combine to create a unique value for all our customers.




Located in the Tech-44 building on the south side of Grand Rapids, MI we are conveniently located for product demonstrations and meetings.  We are also available via video conference, Zoom, WebEx, and all the traditional methods.


Contact us today with your requirements.


"Mike has a number of Cisco professional certifications, including a CCIE, and has in depth knowledge of service provider networks. His work is of the highest caliber, and he has been a valuable partner for my company."


"Mike has amazing technical and people skills. When he did something for Dawn, it was done and you could know that it was not an area you had to continue to worry about. Good guy as well, very fun to work with."

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